Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Breathing Just Got Easier...

It all started last night when I crawled into bed and had the pure joy of posting this picture: 

My body is FINALLY back in control - or at least it is being provided the opportunity to be in control.
Seriously, we all know it - some of us experience it on Friday nights, some of us more often, some of us less. But, I swear, I don't ever get as excited on a Friday night as I do on that very last day of work for the school year. Instantly, breathe in, breathe out, calm. Everything just becomes easier. 

Now, don't get me wrong - I get really grumpy when people start having the whole "teachers don't work in the summer" discussion. Rather, I feel like summer is the equivalent perk that most of my friends get by being able to work from home whenever they want or need to. It's just that all of my working from home is done in one solid chunk of time. And I'm ok with that. 

One of the joys of my "Work from home" season is my ability to use time to my advantage. I tend to be very productive first thing in the morning, and late at night. There have been a few beautiful blog posts written, lesson plans well-thought out, and books read in preparation for taking to the students at the start and completion of my summer days. Today was a prime example. I didn't need the alarm to be wide awake around 5. Luckily, however, the pace of the day was up to my body, and it was feeling compelled to lie in bed and read until 7. 

But then, once it was up, this body wanted to move. Out to the garage to clean out the car. Back in the house to put away all of the "stuff" that came in from the car (after cleaning out my office at school and re-locating home to work for the summer, there is a lot of extra stuff at home). Once the stuff was put in all of its rightful places, I got to work on the day's school work. I would love it if you would take a look - especially those of you far away -- I think this could be a really cool, shared, global experience. 

You see, the summer book clubs that I have developed and organized the last few years was not funded this year. I was sad, but the response from the community was heart-breaking. I was approached by so many students and parents that were distraught when I told them there would be no book clubs - I am not much the "bearer of bad news" type. It breaks my heart. So, I came up with the best Plan B I could in a short amount of time and with a bajillion other things going on in my world. I would create an online Summer Reading Log that students could follow and interact with. 

Here is a link to the online homepage. 

And, here is a link directly to the blog!

I am hoping that traffic makes these posts worthwhile, but honestly, even if the traffic isn't strong, I am becoming better at my work! I am reading! I am writing! I am speaking about books and important topics and sharing my thoughts for kids! Seriously - I CAN'T LOSE! 

So, yes, today was my first day of "Summer" - and yes, I did go to a movie (The Fault in Our Stars - have you read the book? Seen the movie? I dare you to tell me you made it through the movie without crying. Good luck!) but I also write three blog posts, cleaned out my office, read a book to review, organized a few things for my Twitter account, and did some research about blogging and social media. And it's only 6:37PM - don't ask me what's on the to-do list for the rest of the evening. It's too long for me to include here. :) But, if my school-year days could be this productive and joy-filled -- I would be an AMAZING teacher, an AMAZING colleague, and still a great friend and family member, too! I love summer - I love it so, so much. But, not because I get so much time off. Just because I get to work in my own ways, on my own time. 

How about you? How would you weigh in on Summer??? 
:) j. 


elsie said...

What a busy day you've had! I love it when I am on my own schedule and there are no looming deadlines. Sounds like you are on the right track for this summer. :-)

Tara Smith said...

Yay for summer...and no schedules...and just the joy of free time!

Jennifer Sniadecki said...

Have a great summer! It's so wonderful to keep in touch through blogging, though. It is a different schedule, and more of a hobby than a job!

Dana Murphy said...

Your Summer Reading Log Blog looks really great - I hope you get a lot of kid/parent visitors!

I am exactly the same as you - I LOVE working from home over the summer. My pace, my To Do list... it's my absolute favorite time of the year!

Carol said...

Sounds like you had a really nice day- a little reading, a little work, a little housework, and a movie to boot! Hurray for summer!

Julieanne said...

Wow! You did a TON. And such fun things. Love your summer reading blog/google form/video. I think students will be so inspired by this. Keep us posted on how this goes.