Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 7: Perfect with a Capital P.

Friday nights are my "I'm exhausted" nights. Always. 

Usually, I could add the detail, "from such an intensely great week." 

Not this week. This would categorize as "Worst. Week. EVER." or at least in an extremely long time. 

I spent all day trying to figure out how I could slice tonight without sounding ridiculously cynical and horribly pathetic, but that's how I was feeling, and it's hard to fake emotions in writing, or in any other way, if you are me. 

And then, my week ended Perfectly. Yes, Perfectly, with a capital P. 

Talk about Zero to Hero -- I truly feel like I worked harder this week than I have in a very long time, if ever, to speak my truth, while being respectful, honor myself, as well as others, do what I believe is right for kids, hold back, but give enough, make decisions, be patient, and the list goes on and on! By the end of the day today, I didn't even know if I had succeeded. I barely knew I had even made it to the end of the week! 

Until I was sitting at happy hour with two colleagues, laughing, and I realized I felt like I weighed twenty pounds less than I did when I got out of bed this morning. I had made it. 

And then, when I got to my MN bestie's house to be given an unexpected gift, it was something thoughtful, and silly, and perfect for me! (And I am snuggled into it right now as I type!)

And after I opened my present, we went out for some dinner, which ended with some Freeziac -- hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, peanut butter cups, and vanilla yogurt. The dream I have been dreaming ALL week that had not made it to fruition because of my stupid schedule and my stupid bad days. It was worth the wait. I had made it. 

But then, that most perfect ending came in the little hands of my favorite two-year-old. In his twinkly eyes, his perfect hair, his larger-than-life smile, his everlasting energy.... perfection was cuddled up with me, amidst books and snuggles that melted me to my core. 

I had made it. 

Thank God for another week. Not my favorite kind of week, but the kind that reminds me that I will always make it, that I am never alone, and the kind that makes those insanely horrid days at work seem like no big deal once the Perfect moments step in to end the week. 

I made it. 
~ j. 


Teacher Mom said...

Awww! I love this slice. As a teacher and a mother...and all the other hats we wear, despite our best intentions, our positivity is often drained by Friday. Yesterday was my Friday and I feel asleep with my kids at 8:30. I totally get the exhausted and the perfection.

Amy Rudd said...

Yes, you did have a perfect end to your week. Snuggling with your little one is the icing on the cake. Glad you survived the hectic week. I believe that they can't all be that way so hopefully next week will be better! Enjoy the weekend.

Vanessa Worrell said...

Those moments make the difficult ones all worth while.

hela124 said...

You have described my week! Down to the snuggling up with a two year old!

Terje said...

i don't know about moon much, but I would contribute some of the craziness of the week to him. I am glad that after giving all your energy, you were able to receive some sparks from other people in your life, turning the exhausted Friday into a perfect ending of a week.

Crystal Brooks said...

So enjoyed your post, it was very easy to relate to as a teacher-mommy-wife. Hope your weekend is relaxing.