Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 2: The Time I Took Mom to Mama Mia

Last week we had yet another, although this time, supposedly, "The Worst of the Winter" storm. It started on Thursday, just before noon, with rain. That's never good, I understand. The rain quickly morphed into the most beautiful, large snow flakes. By the end of the school day the snow had piled up to make need for a window scraper and snow boots. 

Mom was in town visiting, so we trudged out to my car, cleared off the snow, and headed for home. After a quick stop at home to grab snow boots and tickets, we were off to Mama Mia. Dear Friend, Mary, picked us up and we headed for downtown. It wasn't an easy commute, to say the least. Thankfully, we North Dakota girls don't get too worked up over slow, snowy drives. We made it downtown without coming near a freeway -- all back roads --slow and steady. 

We found parking in a ramp right across from the theater and headed into Rock Bottom Brewery to have some dinner with one of mom's bridesmaids from her wedding 40 years ago, and her daughter-in-law. We were able to take a breath and enjoy a glass of wine with a yummy meal and fun conversation. It was a great way to get the evening under way. And, I must give a quick shout out to the fact that Rock Bottom did an excellent job of catering to the gluten free eater that I have been forced to become. Fabulous job, RB. I will surely be back! 

After dinner, we stepped out into heavier falling snow and stronger winds. Luckily, this was still just the middle of the evening and we were only crossing the street on foot. We couldn't go too quickly, because the ground was just warm enough that the snow was a sloppy mess, and of course we didn't want to splatter our pants, or our company. We took the obligatory pictures outside the theater before we hopped in line to get to our seats. 

As we sat down, the energy was high. We were happily anticipating the songs we could easily get up and dance too. The stage was a beautiful aqua color and the joy of being with friends and family was easy to soak in. The lights blinked and I giggled like a middle-school girl, as I do every time a performance is about to begin. It never gets old for me, and this time was especially special, because it was the first big production I got to attend with Mom. 

I spent the entire show biting my lower lip to keep it in place and from singing along incessantly. I never got annoyed with mom's foot-tapping and head bumping. I think I may have actually joined in a time or two. It was all I could do to not get up and dance in the aisle. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend the musical -- it blows the movie right outta the water. 

When the show was finally over and we had given hugs and said goodbyes, we stepped out, once again, into the falling snow. Mary, mom and I trudged down the sidewalk, which was now fully covered in snow, toward the parking ramp. We found the car and started the trek home. It was a slow and interesting drive, but a safe one as well. Oddly enough, we were the only ones on the freeway heading south. It was a bit eerie. The roads were covered in snow and the lanes were impossible to decipher. Mary stayed calm, cool and collected to get us home safely. When we got to the end of the driveway, I wish I would have had a picture, or maybe a video. First, Mary slid just past the right angle to actually get in the driveway. Then, we realized that her bumper hitting the snow made a crunching sound and we decided maybe she shouldn't pull into the driveway after all. However, that meant mom and I climbing through snow up to our knees all the way up my way-too-long driveway to get in the house. We laughed, to say the least. Luckily, I had snow boots on, but mom wasn't so lucky... 

When we got inside, we were quick to change into our warm, dry sweat pants and we hopped into bed. As a North Dakota girl that loves snow and all things winter, it was the perfect end to a perfect day. An evening that won't quickly be forgotten, for sure!! I love every ounce of time I get to spend with my Mama.... 

:) j. 


elsie said...

What a day and night adventure you had in the snow! I love the show Mama Mia! The best part is you got to share it with your mom.

Tara Smith said...

Another day of theater and family. Lucky you!

writekimwrite said...

What a fun evening out. It had it all ending with a bit of a getting home adventure.

Terje said...

Now you got me humming. I think it is perfectly natural to sing and tap during Mamma Mia, and I wish people were allowed to dance along.